Thursday, February 27, 2020

Painting Contractor in North Jersey

Are you looking for professional and reliable painting contractor in North Jersey & Rockland County, NY?

The signs of a sub-par painting contractor

We all know that there are a lot of awesome painting contractors who know their craft. However, there are also some terrible ones who you should steer clear of. Here’s how you mark the latter:

No insurance or license

This is the most significant red flag you could ever see as far as a painting contractor is concerned. When you meet a prospective one, make sure to always ask for a license. It shows that the company you’re about to do business with is actually established, and it will definitely give you extra peace of mine.

Always ask for a license- whether or not the painting contractor is working out of a company or his home office. You should also remember to ask for insurance cover. Hiring an uninsured painting contractor is very risky, as it means that you don’t have any protection in the event that any damages or accidents occur. That’s a situation you definitely don’t want to be in.

No written contract

One thing you’ll notice from a lot of terrible painting contractors is that they always try to talk you into making oral promises and not getting anything in writing. The reason why they do this is to protect themselves in the event that something bad happens. This way, they know that you can’t possibly hold them accountable for anything.

A painter that isn’t t getting anything in writing can simply decide to throw on some additional charges out of nowhere- you sure don’t want that. So, make sure that any agreement between toy two is written down and ironclad.

Vague estimates

A responsible painting contractor will first come to your project site to perform an assessment before providing you with an estimate of how much things will cost. This way, they know that there can’t be any surprises when it’s time to get the job done. When you’re getting a vague estimate, there’s every probability that the painter will suddenly throw some additions when it’s time to work, and you won’t be able to do anything about it because you probably didn’t get anything in writing first.

Terrible equipment

A reputable painting contractor will always have great tools. They might not be the latest or the best, but you at least know they work well. Skills and knowledge are great, but an artisan is only as good as the tools at his disposal. From ladders, scaffolds, frames, roller covers, and much more, make sure that you’re doing business with a painting contractor that has all his stud ready. That’s one of the only guarantees you have that he’ll actually do a proper job.

No referrals or portfolio

While it’s not a damning sign, it definitely isn’t a good look when a painting contractor doesn’t have positive reviews or referrals. Portfolios are also essential because they provide you with a likely view of what you’ll be getting in terms of service. Before you hire a contractor, make sure they show you pictures of jobs they’ve done in the past and provide contacts of past clients.

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Wednesday, February 19, 2020

House Painters in North Jersey

Are you looking for professional and reliable house painters in North Jersey & Rockland County, NY? At Spilotras Painting, we are experienced house painters in North Jersey & Rockland County, NY that will get the house painting job done thoroughly and efficiently. We understand how important your home is to you, so we take painstaking care with every house painting project.

An overview of DIY house painting

When the time comes to paint your home, you can choose to either paint things by yourself or call a house painting service. To help you make a decision, we’ll be looking at things from the perspective of the former.

The pros of DIY house painting


Perhaps the most significant benefit that you stand to gain from painting your house yourself and not calling house painters is the fact that you actually do get to save a lot of money. A lot of people actually choose to just paint their houses because they believe that calling qualified house painters is more expensive, and that’s entirely understandable.

However, it’s also worth noting that you could get some discounts depending on how well-equipped you are. If you’ve got some painting materials in your house, then you could let house painters know that they won’t need to be bringing it and work your way through the discount process. You have no idea how some simple materials could save you a lot of money.

Creative control

Another highly underrated benefit that you could get from painting your house by yourself is the fact that you get to do what you want to. No one knows what you want to achieve more than you, so if you choose to paint your house by yourself, you definitely have the freedom you need to do as you please.

When you handle your house painting project by yourself, you get to call all the shots. You’re free to see everything through by yourself, from the painting technique to the selection of colors. You could even decide on the type of finishing touches that you want to throw in there.
However, it’s also important to note that you only enjoy these benefits if you’re good at painting. We’ll see more on that later.

The cons of DIY house painting

Expert counsel

Here’s one thing you should always keep in mind as far as your house painting is concerned; unless you’re an engineer who knows how the structural composition of your house works, there’s always more knowledge that you just don’t have.

When you hire a seasoned house painter, you don’t just get good painting service- you also get a lot of great expert counsel. They’ll be able to tell you the right color palette to use, the right type of paint, the proper painting technique, and much more. Undoubtedly, the counsel you get from these guys is important


Painting your house is very important. While you might want to give things to an amateur to handle, you definitely won’t like the end result. So, unless you have the actual painting skills on lock, you really should just get a house painter.


House painting can also be a rather dangerous job. Professional house painting services have insurance to cover damages and accidents, so why not take advantage of the protection?

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Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing in North Jersey

Are you looking for kitchen cabinet painters in North Jersey & Rockland County, NY? At Spilotras Painting, our kitchen cabinet painters in North Jersey & Rockland County, NY value preparation. In fact, preparation forms the core of our philosophy. We make sure that before we begin painting the interior of your home, every possible variable is accounted for so that our work is done quickly, efficiently and impeccably.

Maintaining a new kitchen cabinet

As long as you implement proper care steps, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to enjoy your cabinet for years. Proper care, however, goes a long way to mean quite a lot of things- you need to polish the cabinet, clean it attentively, and ensure that damaging household cleaners don’t come in contact with it.

If you continue to neglect the cabinet, then you could damage it extensively- the type of damage that a simple kitchen cabinet refinishing might not necessarily be able to solve. Most cabinets come in wood material, and the beauty of this material is that you get differences in hue and graining. Regardless, there are some simple maintenance steps that can help you to keep the good aesthetic appeal of your new kitchen cabinet:

Upon first installation

Clean the cabinet with a simple wipe. You have to wipe the cabinet with a damp and soft cloth, then immediately dry it off with another cloth. Make sure that you always wipe in the direction of the wood grain as well. If you’ve got the time, then you can apply some high-quality polish to keep it looking nice too.

Note, however, that if you’ll be using polish, then you need to make sure that it doesn’t have any wax or silicone.

The basic cleaning

Some of the simplest ways to damage cabinets are grime and grease. Allowing these to build up will reduce the structural integrity of the cabinet, and you might need to get a kitchen cabinet refinishing sooner rather than later. To take out this buildup, just wipe the cabinets with a soft cloth that’s been dampened in warm water. Do this at least once every two weeks or more often, depending on how much you use the cabinets.

You could also mix a little bit of dishwasher soap with the water as well. Remember that you should always wipe the cabinet in the direction of the grain. Any residual moisture on the cabinet should be taken out with a soft cloth.

For some more advanced cleaning, it is recommended that you create a paste by mixing baking soda with water. Put the mixture on a sponge, then scrub the stain until it is cleared. Rinse it with water, and dry it with a cloth. You can also take out sticky grime by cleaning the area with a mix of water and vinegar.

Note that some products could also damage the cabinet. Stuff like:

  • 1. Bleach
  • 2. Plastic brushes
  • 3. Petroleum products
  • 4. Paint thinners
  • 5. Steel wool
  • 6. Nail polish remover
  • 7. Strong detergents and soaps
  • 8. Ammonia
  • 9. Solvents
  • 10. Scouring pad

  • Clean spills immediately

    There are a lot of substances that could damage your cabinetry is you leave them on for too long. To be on the safe side, make sure that you wipe out ay stains as soon as it occurs. Don’t wait for too long before you act.

    Experience the essence of our philosophy of preparation for yourself. Browse through our gallery of residential and commercial projects or for free estimate from our kitchen cabinet painters in North Jersey & Rockland County, NY call Spilotras Painting at (845) 627-1111.

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    Tuesday, February 4, 2020

    Interior House Painters in North Jersey

    Are you looking for interior house painters in North Jersey & Rockland County, NY? At Spilotras Painting, our interior house painters in North Jersey & Rockland County, NY value preparation.

    The typical duration for cleaning various parts of the house

    Usually. You’ll find that there are some walls in your home that will need more frequent repainting than others, especially due to the fact that they get more exposed to more wear and tear on a daily basis.

    For instance, most people only eat in their normal dining rooms a few times during the year (and during the holidays), and this means that the walls there might not get so dirty soften. On the flip side, areas such as the kitchen and living room could be more susceptible to traffic, and this means that their walls will get dirty.

    That said, here’s a standard guide to how often you should have interior house painters for some parts of the house:

    Dining and living room

    If you used durable and high-quality paint in your dining and living rooms when you moved in, then you might not need to repaint the places for a few years. Even if you spend more time in the living room, you’ll find that the room decor and durable paint will be able to protect the beauty of the space for years.

    So, the standard repainting duration should be between 5 and 7 years.

    Bathroom and kitchen

    The kitchen is quite peculiar; you get a lot of food splatters and messy fingers, all of which could very much smear the walls. Bathrooms also get a lot of moisture, which could affect the paint. Factors such as these mean that kitchen and living rooms will need to be painted more frequently.

    If you get a professional painting service, then they’ll be able to make use of high-quality paints to keep these parts of the house looking fresh. However, a lot of the time, this might not be enough, and you could see yourself looking to give the place a bit of a fine-tuning every 3 to 4 years.
    Depending on the traffic levels, it could even take longer


    If you don’t have children or pets, then there’s nothing stopping the paint in your bedroom from lasting a long time. So, you might not even need to repaint until you feel like you want to change the color of the bedroom entirely.

    However, when kids get introduced into the equation, it’s a bit of a different ball game. Kids sleep and play in their bedrooms, and this means that you might want to repaint more often. To accommodate this, you’ll find that the best interior house painters approach this part of the house with eggshell or satin sheen, as these last longer.

    However, the general bedroom repainting should take about 2 to 3 years.


    There is probably no part of the house that gets as much traffic as the hallways. Thanks to this, you might see quite a lot of scruff marks and smears on the walls than anywhere else. To be on the safe side, get interior house painters to work on these every 2 to 3 years as well.

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    Spilotras Painting - Your trusted interior house painters in North Jersey & Rockland County, NY.

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