Monday, March 25, 2019

Local Painting Contractor in NJ

Are you looking for a local painting contractor in NJ? Spilotras Painting provides professional and reliable painting services both residential and commercial buildings located in North Jersey. Preparation is our key to success and we apply this in every commercial and residential painting project that our company performs.

In the interior and exterior painting industry, attention to detail is a very important aspect. When you are looking for a local painting contractor to apply a fresh coat of paint to a newly constructed house or office building, hiring an experienced, well known and very reputable painting contractor that concentrates on detail and preparation is key to a successful completion of your new construction project.

Painting contractors can offer many innovated ideas that will enhance and speed up the painting process of your new home or office.  By using different painting techniques such as spray coat painting for a faster accurate cover for multi-room houses will have quicker results compared to conventional roller and brush techniques.

Painting contractors are experienced in painting many surfaces and know how to use the proper paints that will enhance the exterior of your home, shop or office building’s appearance.
There are many benefits painting contractors bring to any completed building and hiring those who have many years of experience will follow standard operating procedures to produce high quality results. 

Preparation is paramount to our success. This philosophy is aptly reflected in our clear-cut corporate slogan: Preparation. Preparation. Preparation. Our strong commitment to preparation results in high quality workmanship and extremely satisfied clients.

Experience the essence of our philosophy of preparation for yourself. Browse through our gallery of residential and commercial projects or for free estimate for our local painting contractor in NJ, call Spilotras Painting at (845) 627-1111.

Spilotras Painting - Your trusted local painting contractor in NJ

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