Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Painting contractor in North Jersey & Rockland County, NY

Are you looking for professional and reliable painting contractor in North Jersey & Rockland County, NY? At Spilotras Painting, we specialize in providing high quality painting services for residential and commercial clients.

Painting a house is a big job for the house owners. The reason being the cost of painting the entire house, the problems that they face while the house is painted and the choice of colors from hundreds of different colors. However, when the job is done, the struggle seems worth it, because the house seems almost new. A good colored and the nicely painted house can add colors to your lives as well.

Benjamin Moore paints are the great choice to paint your house. In addition to its color of the year Metropolitan AF-290, Benjamin has released the new color trend 2019 to allow you to renovate your existing dull paint or paint a new house with its exciting colors.

Features of Benjamin Moore Color trend 2019

• Benjamin Moore color trend 2019 offers a wide range of colors in great quality paint. Its palette comes in 15 harmonious hues ranging from Head Over Heels AF-250, Balboa Mist OC-27 to Hale Navy HC-154 and Hunter Green 2054-20.

• Color trend 2019 Palette offers the mix of a matte finish and bright colors. You may avail two-toned paint or the bright ones to increase the visual interest of your space. 

• Its color palette 2019 offers the fresh linens, reflective metallic accents color paints, such as smoke 2122-40 and Soft Fern 2144-40, for your sleek kitchen.

Benjamin Moore color trend 2019, is a great choose to change your house looks.  But for this, you must hire a reliable painting company. You may consider the following things before hiring a professional painting contractor. 

Things to consider before hiring a professional painting contractor

• Price is the most crucial thing that might affect your choice of painting contractor. So,  before you hire a painting contractor who buys the paint for you as well, make sure he charges you reasonable both for the paint colors and painting services.

• You must consider the originality of the Benjamin Moore paint 2019 because there are many cases of imitative branded paints being sold in the market at very high prices. Make sure your contractor doesn’t deceive you with fake colors. The way to confirm the originality is to see the stamp of the company and check if the lid is still sealed.

• The protection is another reason why people paint their houses apart from beauty. Your painting contractor must provide quality services to assure the level of protection of your house paint against dust and different kinds of weathers. It must also support easy wiping to allow you to wipe anything that you have spilled over on the walls.

After having all the information of Benjamin Moore color trend 2019, the chances are you would be thinking to make your house or building more exciting with its hues. At Spilotras Painting in North Jersey and Rockland County, NY, we offer a wide range of painting services for your house or commercial building. Our expert painters go beyond the simple painting services to make your space more charming.

For more information about Benjamin Moore color trend 2019 or a free estimate call Spilotras Painting Spilotras Painting in North Jersey & Rockland County, NY at (845) 627-1111.

Spilotras Painting – Your trusted painting contractor in North Jersey & Rockland County, NY.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

House Painters in Rockland County, NY

Are you looking for professional and reliable house painters in Rockland County, NY and surrounding areas? At Spilotras Painting, we are experienced house painters in Rockland County, NY that will get the job done thoroughly and efficiently.

While renovating your house, searching for a good and reliable painter is a hectic task that should not be taken lightly. It is the time when you hand over the beautification of your home into someone else's hand. So, it is very important to choose reliable and professional house painters that give the new look you are looking for to your home at a reasonable cost. A professional house painter is the one who uses modern techniques and tools to ensure the fruitful output.

Things to consider before hiring a House Painters:
  • Never consider hiring the painters with very low bids as they may use low quality paint and other related stuff. Low-quality paints are not durable.
  • While taking estimates and choosing a painter, make sure what type of paint you are going to use.
  • It is necessary to make sure that the house painters will take care of all the furniture and handle all the positioning of the furniture from one place to another by themselves.
  • It is a good idea to look at the painter's website. Local reviews on the website can help you make a decision to hire a house painter.
The Qualities of Professional House Painters:

Excellent in Communication - They always listens to the customer's needs and give ideas and suggestions as per the requirements. He clarifies all the confusions of the customer by his detailed answers.

Quick - Quickness doesn't mean low quality. Good painters always use modern tools and techniques to save the time and to increase the productivity.

Versatile - Professional house painters use different techniques for every project.

Good Reputation - Professional house painters, take reviews from their old customers. Good house painters will never hesitate to provide you with the references.

Honest and Trustworthy - While taking reviews, you'll have a clear idea about the honesty of the painter. It's an important thing to look at as he will be spending time around your family.

Punctual - Good house painters will give you assurance to finish the project within the agreed time.

Experienced - For professional house painters, the experience is the key. They know exactly which type of wall need which paints. They use their experience to make sure that all the tasks are completed in the given time producing a high-quality result.

So, if you are searching for professional and reliable house painters, your research is ended here. We have the best team of painters along with the advanced tools in our arsenal that will provide you with the best and high-quality results that are beyond your expectations.

To get a free estimate from our house painters in Rockland County, NY call Spilotras Painting at (845) 627-1111.

Spilotras Painting – Your trusted house painters in Rockland County, NY.

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Commercial Painters in Rockland County, NY

Are you looking for professional commercial painters in Rockland County, NY and surrounding areas? At Spilotras Painting, our commercial painters in Rockland County, NY value preparation. In fact, preparation forms the core of everything we do.

Commercial painters are those who deal with the big projects like large buildings, public spaces, shopping malls, and even airports and stadiums. The commercial painting companies have the large number of staff that not only deal with the field work but also the management and administrative tasks. The commercial painting projects need bigger infrastructure, machinery, and equipment to get the job done in a professional way.

Things to Consider Before hiring a Commercial Painter:

Before finalizing the commercial painting contractor for your projects, you must have a detailed discussion with the commercial painting company whom you are going to hire.

  • The right commercial painting contractor who has the latest technology and machinery to get the job done on time. By using old and traditional ways of painting, a one-week timeline can be extended into a couple of weeks or even more.
  • The use of environment-friendly paint is necessary because the paint with the organic chemicals is unhealthy not only for the staff and workers but also it is harmful for the years after it is dried.
  • It is always important to hire well reputed commercial painters because you may be affected with theft or damage at your commercial property. You may not be able to be there all the time or have a check on everyone that is in the team of commercial painters. Always take reviews from local review sites, Facebook page, and the website of the company.
Qualities of a Reliable Commercial Painter:

The range of Services – It’s really very important that the commercial painter or the company you are hiring for your work, should have all the necessary man force and machinery to handle your projects. Sometimes, the companies hand over the job to the third-party contractors to do a specific part of the job that may create a real mess for you.

Flexibility with your business Timings - Majority of the commercial facilities are usually open during the business hours, so, it is important for the commercial painter to confirm his availability on any timings suitable for you.

Punctual - It is very important to complete the task within the given timeline. A good commercial painting company is always within the given timeline.

If you are searching for a commercial painting contractor or a commercial painting company, look no further. We are offering the creative commercial painting services in the city.  We have the trained and professional staff along with the modern-day machinery to perform any type of larger painting jobs. We ensure you the best output and long-lasting results.

Experience the essence of our philosophy of preparation for yourself. Browse through our gallery of residential and commercial projects or for free estimate for our commercial painters in Rockland County, NY call Spilotras Painting at (845) 627-1111.

Spilotras Painting - your trusted commercial painters in Rockland County, NY.

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