Thursday, August 9, 2018

Interior House Painters in Rockland County, NY

At Spilotras Painting, our interior house painters in Rockland County, NY value preparation. In fact, preparation forms the core of our philosophy. We make sure that before we begin painting the interior of your home that every possible variable is accounted for so that our work is done quickly, efficiently and impeccably.

   We will look at home painting your kitchens and wet areas. Hygiene is the most important rule; due to the amount of moisture and airborne grease generated by cooking, washing up and showers etc., every surface must be easy to clean. Check it out, are yours? The domestic or household kitchen needs to be kept hygienic while remaining washable.

      Over the years the demand for type of finishing in kitchens and wet areas has changed slightly. Satin acrylic finishes were always used, now the most popular interior house paint applied is a good quality low sheen. For washing and repelling grease when painting kitchens you can't go past the satin acrylic for kitchen paint. It's not as porous as low sheen, in fact looking along a wall painted in satin gives you the impression there's a good, thick but very smooth finish and it has easy on the eye presentation. It just slides off your roller effortlessly.

                Yet in some circumstances painters will use low sheen, for instance if it is a brand-new home being paint or if that’s what the specs demand. Also, if you are accustomed to very hot showers, satin might be the best fit for you due to the steam.

      But sometimes kitchens are very much part of the living areas and it's hard to cut the wall off with two different types of paint. In this situation use low sheen, that's quite ok. They're both as good as each other but satin has the edge, horses for courses as they say.

Recently there has been a trend away from clinical operating theater kitchens, where beautiful stainless steel, two pack finish cupboards and doors occupy the kitchen. Or lots of natural timbers and curtains instead of blinds over windows are now very widely used in the modern home. One thing sticks out in relation to these materials, they are all very washable and can be kept clean easily. The same goes with bathrooms and the laundry, they all have surfaces that are easily cleaned, that's why when home painting you need to go with the satin option. You won't regret it.

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Friday, August 3, 2018

Commercial Painters in Bergen County, NJ

Are you looking for professional commercial painters in Bergen County, NJ and surrounding areas? At Spilotras Painting, our commercial painters in Bergen County, NJvalue preparation. In fact, preparation forms the core of everything we do.
      Finding a commercial painter that’s specialized and experienced in professionally painting office buildings, retail establishments and other types of commercial buildings is important. Commercial painting differs from residential in that it affects customer's opinions and buying habits as well as employees' productivity. You may pick a color scheme that relates to your company's logo, creates a certain ambiance, or attracts customers to your business. In an office type setting, you may pick something more subdued to promote productivity of the work place and keep employees engaged in what they are working on. Whether you are seeking color or character, hiring a professional company to handle your commercial painting job is very important for all aspects of your business. A professional company possesses the skills, equipment and crew necessary for doing the most efficient job at a cost-effective pace which will save you time and money over hiring an inexperienced painting company.

      There are many steps for preparation and planning that go into the painting process so hiring a reliable and experienced company to handle your painting needs will assure that the job is administered properly and efficiently. A good painting company will discuss all your needs with you, before beginning a job, such as colors, prices and a timeline for when work will be completed. If you have a specific design theme in mind a painting company should be able to discuss all your options as well as provide examples and make recommendations. In addition to paint colors and schemes there is a large cleaning and preparation process that needs to occur before painting can begin. An experienced painting professional will discuss the whole process with you before work begins.
   Hiring a professional painter to handle your commercial painting needs will save you time, money and hard work. They take all the stress out of planning and hunting by providing you will all the things you need. They can help you pick paint colors and schemes, provide all the labor needed for each process of the painting job and provide quality work to enhance your commercial space. Whether you are decorating the interior of a business, sprucing up the outside of a commercial building or providing a harmonious work environment inside an office building, a paint job is one of the easiest ways to renovate a building without major overhauling construction work. A team of professional commercial painters will handle all your needs and provide you with quality and affordable work.

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Spilotras Painting - your trusted commercial painters in Bergen County, NJ.

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